Local Wrecker Service in Richmond, CA

Wrecker-services are provided to both private individuals and to businesses. Both turn to Pine Towing when they need a reliable, professional and licensed service. We provide our towing services through a network of independent tow truck operators. Our techs will provide you with premier quality solutions, at highly affordable prices.
Common situations that call for wrecker-service include times when a car is blocking a private driveway, or when there has been an accident. Other times wrecking services are used can include moments when there is a broken down or abandoned vehicle that must be moved. In each of these cases, a wrecker-service like Pine Towing has the experience you need to have the vehicle in question moved safely and effectively.

Wrecker-services are just the tip of the iceberg though. Pine Towing offers many other services including emergency roadside assistance. These services can help you when you’ve accidentally run out of gas, run over a sharp object and need a flat tire repair and more.

What Type of Wrecker-Service Should You Call?

Private individuals and business owners alike usually have questions about the right type of towing company to call. We recommend always ensuring that the company you hire is licensed to conduct wrecker operations in your area. You should always be cautious and make sure that the company you hire uses tow trucks with clearly marked contact information. Make sure the company name, licensing information, phone number and address are there for all to see. In other words, make sure the wrecker-service you use is reputable!

What if Your Car Breaks Down?

If your car breaks down, we recommend using Pine Towing. With professional, licensed tow truck drivers and 24-hour availability, you can have your vehicle transported wherever you need it to go at literally any time of the day or night. Moreover, when you call, you won’t have to wait long for help to arrive. One of Pine Towing’s friendly customer service representatives will send a qualified professional to your location right away. You will be receiving the help that you need within a short time.

Call Regarding Pine Towing’s Wrecker-Service

We recommend that you call Pine Towing with any questions you might have regarding our wrecker-service. We’ll be happy to answer them all so that you can make an informed decision.There are many situations in which a wrecker- service is appropriate. In each of them, we strongly suggest only using a company that has a good reputation in the community. You can learn more about a company’s reputation by checking the Better Business Bureau or simply by asking around.