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When a Tow Truck Needs Rescue Itself…

As tow truck drivers it’s our job to go out and rescue cars that have broken down or have been involved in accidents. Like everyone else, sometimes we have quiet days and sometimes we have busier days. But unlike most other people we work around the clock, because we never know when our assistance will be needed.I love my job and couldn’t envision myself sitting in an office doing whatever it is that office workers do. I need to be outside and that includes sitting in my tow truck waiting for our next adventure.

As you can probably imagine, working all these weird hours, we’ve seen our fair share of strange accidents, but that is a story for another time. I’m always getting questions about my job and the interesting cars I get to recover and the people I meet. I was once asked if I had ever needed rescuing for myself and the answer to that one is yes!A couple of years ago I went out to recover a car that had been in an accident and my tow truck slid off the soft shoulder of the road into a ditch. That was not a good moment for me. But, I did get to see how my customers feel while they wait for me to come to their rescue.

Luckily I didn’t have to wait long, another tow truck operator was sent out to help me and he got there very quickly. We needed to get my truck out of the ditch. To do that a heavy-duty sling type boom truck was sent out and my truck was connected to it. Because I wasn’t all the way in the ditch, my front wheels were on road level, we hooked my truck to the boom truck and it slowly and carefully pulled me out. Fortunately my truck was alright to drive, so we didn’t have to tow it back to town. I did feel a little foolish stopping on the soft ground and it was a little weird to be the one getting rescued. If you’re wondering what happened to the car I had gone out to recover in the first place – well, the story ended well. I eventually got it onto my flatbed and took it to the shop.

If you would like us to recover your car, or maybe just tow a car for you, don’t hesitate to give us a call. I know for a fact that our operators are fast, professional and can help you out of any bind.