Five Things to Consider Before Ordering a Towing Service in Richmond

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If you’re a car owner in Richmond, chances are you’ll be needing a tow service in the future. Regardless of whether you own a relatively new car, it’s still important to have some knowledge on the right questions to ask when the time comes that you’ll actually need to ask them in real life.

The moment you call the contact number of your chosen towing company in Richmond, consider asking for the following important details:

Questions to ask:

       1. How many years of driving experience do your tow truck drivers have?

 It would be wise to know whether the tow truck drivers who will possibly be handling your car are experienced enough and know what they’re doing—from the moment they haul your vehicle to the truck bed until they pull it back down again. It wouldn’t be disrespectful to ask this, because you’re simply making sure and wouldn’t want to risk it (which the phone operators would completely understand).

  1. Approximately how long will it take for one of your drivers to get to my location?

 Most towing companies would guarantee you 30 minutes of travel time—and they deliver on that promise, given that the traffic conditions are ideal and they don’t encounter any complications along the way. Always remember to ask this (maybe they’re aware of some road block or nearby accident that would prompt them to explain that it would take longer than usual).

  1. Aside from towing services, do you offer other related services for vehicles?

 When you need a tow service because of a flat tire, dead battery, or empty gas tank, calling a towing company that offers roadside assistance services is extremely convenient. Ask the phone operator about this!

You would be surprised to know that some companies even have resident locksmiths to help with lockouts or broken ignition keys.

  1. What modes of payment does your company accept?

A towing company that accepts both cash and credit is a surefire sign that you’re dealing with a legitimate company, not a bogus (or probably in the early stages of starting up) one.

  1. Based on an initial estimate, how much would your services cost?

Prompt the phone operator about the service cost beforehand, since this would prevent them from overcharging you once the service has been done. You can also use the phone conversation as a basis ask them for a written estimate prior to ordering the service.