An Interview With a Tow Truck Driver

How Things Look From Behind the Wheel of a Loaded Tow Truck

Towing technicians (or “tow techs” for short) lead interesting lives, they find themselves being sent off at a moment’s notice to assist motorists in all kinds of sticky situations. Tow techs must be highly proficient at what they do in order to ensure safety as well as to enable them to provide speedy solutions. In this blog post we bring you an interview held with Dave, one of Pine Towing’s very own top of his field, veteran tow tech.

There’s No Such Thing as a Typical Day

In answer to our question asking Dave to describe a “typical day at work”, he said:”One of the things I most like about my job is that it’s impossible for me to tell you what a typical work day holds in store for. There is no day like the next, even the most mundane towing or roadside assistance assignments differ from one another and you never know what kind of challenge you’ll be sent to handle next.

Likes to Help Others

Dave says he takes special pleasure in having the opportunity to assist fellow Richmond residents in a jam. “I’ve always liked lending a helping hand, ever since I was very young, it seems only natural to me that my work offers me the opportunity to assists fellow members of Richmond’s community”.

Skill and Responsibility Ensure Safety

Dave tells us that so far as tow techs go being highly skilled is not just preferable but mandatory.
“Only highly skilled tow techs know how to get the job done in a way that poses no danger of bodily harm to the tech or anyone else in the vicinity” he says. You must be able to count on the tow tech handling the job at hand, anything less than top class professionalism may mean further damage to the vehicle towed, to the tow truck or to other vehicles.

At Pine Towing we employ only top of their filed, well trained and certified pro tow techs, just like Dave. We are a locally owned company and as such know how to best address the needs of Richmond’s community. We are always available (24/7, 365 days a year), guarantee a 30 min ETA (to any location in or around Richmond) and speedy service once we’re with you. To top all this off, you won’t find any towing and roadside assistance company which offers better rates.