A Day in a Life of a Pine Towing Driver 

Tow Truck

You have probably seen us driving by, in the middle of the morning or in the wee hours of the night – a tow truck driver eager to get to yet another fellow motorist and get them out of the woods.

What I do all day long

First of all, I am not one for sitting under the neon lights, so for me being out and about all day long is ideal. Car trouble come in all shapes and sizes and usually when you least need them and when you least expect them. Whenever I get a call I’m immediately filled with a tingling sense of expectation and anticipation: what sort of car issues need a professional resolution? Will I be able to help another fellow human being get on with their day? And so on and so forth. You could say it is a newbie thing, but I’m on the job for over 10 years now.

However, when I quickly get to my customer’s location, I put all thoughts aside and get to work straight away. Figuring out what seems to be the trouble with the car (beyond the obvious such as flat tires), applying my experience and know-how in order to resolve the situation, and at the same time remaining friendly and forthcoming can sometimes be a challenge, but this kind of challenges I thrive on.

What I love most about my job

Now that you know what I do all day long – respond to calls of motorists in need, I guess that the thing I love most about my job, and the thing I try to fill my day with, is the great satisfaction that comes when you are able to make someone else’s day a bit better, turn it a bit brighter. There isn’t quite a feeling like seeing the smile return to someone’s face, seeing the tension drain from their face, and witnessing the bounce returning to their step. This may sound a bit over the top, but you would be surprised how relieved people get when you quickly and professionally restore their car to perfect function.

Naturally, there are downsides, such as working the graveyard shifts, or working out in the open in the sweltering heat. But still and without a shadow of a doubt, I love being a tow truck driver.